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Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate

في الأربعاء سبتمبر 01, 2010 7:45 pm
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Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate

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Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate | 1920 MB

Combining power and simplicity, Pinnacle Studio Plus version 12
lets you take control of the latest HD video technologies,
including Blu-ray and AVCHD. All new Pinnacle Montage theme
based editing designed by professional producers and artists
puts incredible creative power at your fingertips. Simply drag and
drop your video and stills to preview your show - and watch your
content come alive complete with Hollywood style multi-layered
effects, animated graphics, titles and Hi-Fi audio. Edit and polish
to your hearts content with the sleek new interface. When you are
finished, archive your video memories, publish them on YouTube
or enjoy on DVDs and portable devices*.

Exclusive Feature

Your Story - Now in Dazzling HD
Pinnacle Studio Plus works natively with HDV and AVCHD
footage. Native HD support means youll get the same pristine
quality from your original source all the way to final output -
without transcoding and in real-time. You can even combine
projects that mix standard and high definition video and photos
for a final result in full HD resolution.

Built-in HD Disc Burning
Burn your Hollywood-style movies on DVD and HD DVD format
discs on standard DVD media. Natively author Blu-ray format
discs with full motion menus. Or make AVCHD format discs on
standard DVDs to play on Blu-ray players.

NEW Pinnacle Montage
Watch your memories come alive

Enjoy multi-track power without the complexity
Thanks to fantastic pre-built templates designed by
professional producers and artists, Pinnacle Montage
automatically generates all the necessary titles,
effects and animations

Create multi-layer effects
Access to Picture-in-Picture, Chroma Key or A/B editing
with two video tracks at the tip of your fingers.

Mix your media together
Use all your media - photos, video, music -
to create a Hollywood-like movie.

11 themes with +80 templates including Video Wall,
Album, Seasons and more

Power and simplicity for better movie-making
Pinnacle Studio Plus version 12 is a stunning leap forward in
workflow refinement and ease of use. Directly import your digital
videos, photos and audio from a wide range of devices
including DV, HDV and AVCHD camcorders, and digital still cameras.
Automatic scene detection and clip creation gets your project
off to a fast start!

Everything you need to make great home movies.

Optimized for performance

Takes full advantage of the power of your computer
for a faster, smoother experience.

Real-time multi-track editing
Create advanced effects like Chroma Key,
graphics overlay and Picture-in-Picture (PIP).

Key frame-able 2D/3D motion graphics
Pick from hundreds of effects and transitions
, and preview them in full quality, even in HD

Pinnacle Scorefitter music generator
Automatically generate a rich soundtrack to match
the length of your movie.

Web publishing simplified
Direct upload to video sharing sites like YouTube
and Yahoo! Video.

Refined audio editing
New digital controls and monitors to add a dimension in
sound to your movie.

Clean up and rejuvenate

Improve audio tracks, enhance color, remove noise,
and fix poor lighting.

Even more ways to share
Output movies to Sony PSP, Apple iPod, DivX certified
players and even 3GP mobile phones
. Export to Flash video too.

Built-in HD Disc Burning
Burn DVD, HD DVD and AVCHD format discs on
standard DVD media. Natively author Blu-ray format discs.

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