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Approaches, Methods and Techniques in Teaching English as a Foreign Language T.E.F.L.

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Approaches, Methods and Techniques

'Technique', 'method' and 'approach' are
terms which recur so often in the field of language teaching that they need to
be defined in order to draw a distinction between them.


This is what actually goes on in the
classroom as an implementation of a method, which in turn is an application of
an approach. A technique refers to all the activities used by the teacher and
performed by the pupils in the classroom. For example, audio-visual aids such
as language labs, tape recorders, television set, slides, video recorders are
techniques which are used to achieve an immediate objective. Some techniques
are used with a variety of methods such as imitation and repetition. Others,
however, are specific to a given method.


This is the application of the principles
underlying a particular approach. A method consists of the use of a certain
number of techniques in a systematic way in order to achieve the aim of
language teaching. A method includes the lesson plan, the syllabus, the
textbook, other teaching materials and the number of teaching periods. It also
includes decisions made about language teaching outside the classroom. All
these components must be in harmony with the basic principles of the selected

A method is procedural in the sense that it
shows accurately how a language should be taught as it deals with the practical
side of foreign language instruction. A method is more general than a technique
and more specific than an approach.


This term is relatively new compared to the
term 'method'. An approach refers to the principles or assumptions underlying
the process of language teaching and learning. It is also a set of correlative
assumptions dealing with the nature of the language teaching and learning. An
approach is axiomatic. It describes the nature of the subject matter to be
taught. It is also considered a theory of applied linguistics, which seeks to
explain the phenomenon of language learning in terms which assit the learner to
achieve his goal.
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