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kinds of Teachers

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Three Kinds of Teacher:

There are obviously many ways of teaching, and part of being a student
in a good classroom is in charming the unique personal identity, style, skills
and techniques that teacher bring to a lesson .

a-The Explainer:

Many teachers know their subject matter very well, but have limited
knowledge of methodology. This kind of teacher relies mainly on explaining or
lecturing as a way of conveying information to the student, this teacher’s
lessons can be very entertaining, interesting and informative. The students are
listening, perhaps occasionally, answering questions, and perhaps making notes,
but are mostly not being personally involved or challenged . The learners often
gat practice by doing individual exercises after one phase of the lecture has

The Involves:

This teacher is able to use appropriate teaching and organisational
procedures and techniques to help her/his student learn about the subject
matter. This teacher trying to involve the students actively and puts a great
deal of effort into finding appropriate and interesting activities that will do
this, while still retaining clear control over the classroom, and what happens
in it.

The Enabler:

The third kind of teacher is confident enough to share control with learners,
or perhaps to hand it over to them entirely. Decisions made in her/his
classroom may often be share or negotiated;

In many cases, the teacher takes his/her lead from students, seeing
him/herself as some whose job is to create the conditions that enable the
students to learn for themselves.

This teacher knows about the subject matter and about methodology, but
also has an awareness of haw individuals and groups are thinking and feeling
within her/his class. She/he actively responds to this in her/his planning and
methods and in building effective working relationships and a good classroom
atmosphere. How own personality and attitude are an active encouragement to
this learning.

How to Get the Learner’s Attention:

One important reason why learners may not successfully follow activity
instructions or understand your explanation, of something is that, they didn’t
actually hear them, perhaps because they were not fully paying attention when
they were given. This is strategy for getting learners’ attention:

-Start making eye contact with as many people as possible.

-Establish a gesture that means you want to speak.

-Don’t look inpatient or anxious.

-Wait as long as necessary until there.
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رد: kinds of Teachers

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